what we do

What We Do:

We bring light into the lives of the mentally disturbed destitute brothren.

These unfortunate people were born and grew up just like any of us, some of them being even from middle class families. But today their condition is such that they do not know who they are and where they came from. Due to some unbearably tough incident in their life they lost their mental balance and  sanity of mind.... They wander along the roads in rags and dishevelled clothes. Some of them go round totally naked but without being conscious of their abnormality. To satisfy their hunger they pick and eat rotten food thrown into the road side dust bins and quench their thirst by drinking drainage water. They have totally forgotten the fact that they too are human beings and deserve a decent and dignified life.... During nights they sleep on dirty pavements, shivering in cold and drenched on rain, while mosquitos make a continuous feast of their blood.

 Our society  brands them as mad and as child lifters, and drives them away they with sticks and stones whenever they are seen near residences. But we never care to delve into their lives to know the reasons behind their pitiable condition which is worse than that of lowly animals.

Friends, can we afford to shut our eyes and disown our responsibility towards these hopless people who lived like any of us till very recently? There are homes for orphans, physically challenged, beggars, widows and old people, but none for the mentally disturbed. No one cares for them; no one spares even a minute to think of them.

Our humble Appeal:  Friends, if you happen to find such persons anywhere through out the Telangana and Andhra States, Pl bring them to Satyeswara Ashram, or send them to the ashram with someone. Here at the Satyeswara Ashram, they will be given daily bath, fed  hyzeinic  food, taught daily yoga, pranayam and meditation and will be treated by psychiatrists. In needy cases they will be taken to  mental health hospitals in Hyderabad and given treatment by expert neurologists. And as soon as they become normal and are able to recollect their details, their family members are called to the ashram  and we will send them home safely.

We invite you to pay a visit to the Ashram at Jadcherla Town and extend your compassionate  help and encouragement to bring light into more number of such people.

We find the Destitutes in each city of the Telangana & AP States. We take them to the nearest Police Station from the place where they found. We submit the FIR on their name and We brought them to our Organization. After bringing them to our Organization, first we clean them. Our Doctor periodically check our each and every inmmates and provides them the Medicines, If any inmates problem is severe, we send them to the Erragadda Mental Hospital to treat them.

We have a Volunteer Doctor, Who checks our inmates periodically, All the police department in the Telangana & AP States gives their full support in bringing the Destitutes to our Organization. Some medicines are also being donated by our Respected Regular Philanthropists.

As of now, we are having 86 inmates in our Organization. Though it is very difficult to provide them the food and treatment, we are trying our best to give them best. We are glad if some kind hearted philanthripists come forward to celbrate their Birthdays, Marriage Days by donating one day or one time food to all our Inmates through our Membership Program. As of now ,no Central/State Government, Charity, NGO, Trust is helping for the functioning of our Organization from the last 2 years. Only with the Donations of the kind hearted philanthropists and from the founder people bussiness profits, we are running this Organization. 

Till now we could send 42 inmates to their kith and kin after treatment in the ashram.Now they are doing their duties and helping their families and nation by adding gdp.

And, our Organization shall be to work as a revolutionary social and economic movement of change with a view to realize, in practical terms, the supreme principles of universal justice, liberty, equality and fraternity enunciated in the Constitution of India. And to safeguard our supreme principles and to protect our system from Corruption.


Our main objective is to make a system which leads to get the benefits which have been providing by the government to each and every Citizen of India in a very free and smooth process.

As an Organization, we will align with the India’s Constitution and we stand up on it to provide Justice (social, economic and political), Liberty (thought, expression, belief, faith and worship), Equality (of status and opportunity, and to promote among all of them), Fraternity (assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity of the Nation) to each and every citizen of India.