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Sathyeshwara Seva Ashramam is an indian non-profit organization tackling the problems of needy, insane and underprivileged persons and supporting them by the society by giving aid along with accommodation, boarding and influencing them by the society, circumstances and changing them to their own personalities and empowering them to step up as a normal human being. So we take care all destitute mentally retarded orphans without looking at their caste or religion.


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President: Chitthanuri Eashwar

The founder of this trust is Mr.Chittanuri Eashwer. He is serving to the society from last 35 years in various fields through his bussiness trust named as "SRI MAHALAXMI SEVA TRUST". He started this trust with very closed group of his business partners and family members. Later on it extended according to requirements in various fields. Basically he is a businessman but as he thinks in different manner, he became unique as philanthrofist personality in the society.

                                             He thinks that whatever the money he earned from business, is gift from society with the grace of God. So he in turn wanted to return to the same society with gratitude, by doing service activities to the needy people. For this return gift he always research about the problems and solutions of poor people. He treats service to the society itself is service to the God. In this thought process without blaming others,society and governement, he took initiation and started to serve nearby people in nearby places from the day one of his earning era. So that itself led him to get energy in all means to serve the whole world.

Some of his services earlier to this ashram :



In India, one of the survey is saying every year around 2 lakh people are dying with these mentally retarded destitute orphans in the accidents. These people rome on  the roads without traffic sense. So in accidents either they die or in the process of saving them, we might die. We can't bring back a single person's life by giving even a crore of rupees. So we have decided to save some of these persons and extend a helping hand. So Sathyeshwara Seva Ashramam was established in 2018 in Badepally, Jadcherla. We invests in insane people in india where the insane people face acute disadvantage, and where their empowerment is now transforming communities. Sathyeshwara Seva Ashramam innovative helping programmes in whole Telangana & AP states have directly supported to families to changing the insane people to normal human being and sending those completely changed persons to their own families, and many people have benefited from an improved environment.